Les contraires

On dit souvent que les contraires s’attirent. Je ne sais pas si j’y crois mais ce que j'adore est quand on associe une caractéristique d’un élément contraire à un autre. Comme par exemple, ajouter un petit élément Baroque à un ensemble de style minimaliste. C’est dans cette idée, que j’ai voulu ajouter du rouge à un look bleu ou encore mettre un poncho imprimé à une robe minimale. 
Et vous, aimez-vous jouer avec des éléments contraires ?

It is often said that opposites attract. Personally I think it’s not totally true… But I know that I do love the combination of opposite styles and characteristics. Like for exemple, adding a Baroque element to a set of minimalist style. This is how I imagined to add red shades to my blue look and wearing a printed poncho with a minimalist and monochrome dress.
And you, do you like the association of opposite styles and elements ?

Poncho/Dress/Shoes : Primark 


  1. I'm lovin your poncho.
    Great pattern on it as well.

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  2. Elegant look!


  3. Perfect cozy look. Beautiful colors and textures! Amaaaazing shoes! <3

    - Anna


  4. Red and blue is a classic combo! Love the loafers too :)

    xx Yasmin

  5. That poncho is so cute, I love that pattern!

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  6. Winter colors, love it at all ❤
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  7. I like how you styled your poncho. Such a cute outfit <3

    SHAIRA // What's New? January Haul

  8. This poncho is sooo cute! I like to print clash occasionally. ;)

    T xxx

  9. I am totally loving this entire outfit. Love how you paired such a patterned poncho with a solid-colored dress. Everything just flows together so well.

    Lisa Favre

  10. You look beautiful darling! I love your stockings with the burgundy shoes! <3 xxx
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