Je suis heureuse de partager une sélection de robes fleuries provenant du site Sur le site, j'ai pu parcourir tant de pages consacrées aux robes, que je ne me suis pas ennuyée. Je voulais réaliser ces images dans un cadre naturel où les imprimés de fleurs et de papillons des robes viennent s'ajouter.

I'm so happy to share with you a selection of flowery dresses from the shop On their website I found many pages with a large choice of dresses which was perfect for me. I wanted to create these pictures so that the flower and butterfly printed dresses can be added to this natural setting.

1 - Pink maxi dress FashionMia



2 - V-Neck butterfly printed chiffon maxi dress FashionMia

Choker: FashionMia

3 - Floral Printed Round Neck Skater Dress FashionMia


  1. Wow, that second dress is gorgeous! You look fab, as always. T x

  2. J'aime beaucoup la deuxième robe !
    Bizzz Deltreylicious

  3. i love this long prink floral dress, it's fashion and beautiful, thhe red bag is also very chic and attravtive. and i'd also like to introduce the importance of the curtain for you . i hope you could like it

  4. Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always:)

  5. Cute style for summer!


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